if you switch three rooms at the same time

Our son is now nearly six months old and we're starting to think about putting him and his bed into his own room. Last year, we had renovated the attic and made a fabulous dorm room out of it. Our son is sleeping in this room since he came home with my wife from the hospital. This was fine, so far, but the kids room would be one story below. My wife and I simply couldn't imagine to have the stairway between the kid and us. When he starts to crawl and later to walk, he simply would have no chance to "come over" on his own (of course, we will have to block the stairways for security reasons). With all those arguments, we started to repaint the room that we had for our son in mind before yesterday. He will move into this huge room, which you know as our home office. The dorm room will move into this fresh painted room, which is a bit smaller, but was a dorm room before. Finally, the attic will become our new home office. We'll see how much we will use it. In the last few months (guess around six ;)), we hardly have used it. However, I will paint the front wall of the attic in very dark grey. With our white GALANT desks, it will look great for sure.

I don't know how often we've changed rooms in the last eight years, but it was really often - which is great, as we're trained ;) Todays goal is it to move the dorm room downstairs (incl. kids bed) and be able to sleep in the smaller room tonight. Also, I want to paint the attic wall today, so that I can move the stuff upstairs tomorrow and we could start putting the wallpapers to the walls in the new kids room.

Oh - and if you wonder why I have so much time, I'm on parent time ;)

PS. Photos? Yeah - of the "new" home office (v10) - if it's done!
PPS. Home Office (v9) is pictured here

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Wednesday and Thursday sports

a last fitness post before eastern

Wednesday: Quer durch Utfort

Yesterday, I've cycled through Utfort, the nature way - was nice, sunny and warm :)

Wednesdaytour 1
Wednesdaytour 2
Wednesdaytour 3
Wednesdaytour 4

Thursday: Kleine Runde

Today, the weather was worse. It was sunny, but again pretty windy. I've also forgot to take the Lumix with me, but as it was a short trip around the district and you've seen photos from those ways in previous posts, I think it's fine just to show the track.


Over Eastern, I will have no time to ride my bike - I'm also not really sure, if this kind of posts are interesting for you. Let me know, via Twitter :)

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Dienstagstour durch Genend

biking through an industrial area

Riding the same ways every day get a bit - boring. I planned a trip through "Genend", a relatively new industrial area on the very west part of Moers. Unfortunately, the weather was very bad, windy, a bit rain and very cloudy.


The company I work for, KRZN, had some offices in the building on the right. But this was before I joined, which is meanwhile 1 1/2 years ago.

The red of this building is very intensive. Too bad, my little Lumix couldn't capture it - and the compression killed the rest.


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