Dienstagstour durch Genend

biking through an industrial area

Riding the same ways every day get a bit - boring. I planned a trip through "Genend", a relatively new industrial area on the very west part of Moers. Unfortunately, the weather was very bad, windy, a bit rain and very cloudy.


The company I work for, KRZN, had some offices in the building on the right. But this was before I joined, which is meanwhile 1 1/2 years ago.

The red of this building is very intensive. Too bad, my little Lumix couldn't capture it - and the compression killed the rest.


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Around Moers City

simply wanted to drive 10km

I planned this trip in Komoot and submitted it to my Moto G. Not that I would need a navigation as I've been grown up in Moers, but it's pretty nice to see how far I've come and the display.


Around Moers City 1
Cycling straight ahead and for some km's, it's my standard "small" route (4.7km).

Around Moers City 2
This photo was taken when I hit the first waypoint, outside of the city limit. (Near van der Falk)

Around Moers City 4
Around Moers City 3
Around Moers City 5
Around Moers City 6
I was pretty happy when I hit the next waypoint. The cycle way is well build, but with an increase over a couple of km's, also, from now I will head into the city.

Around Moers City 7
Around Moers City 8
Funny place to park. It's a departure from the highway 40 (Moers-Zentrum).

Around Moers City 9
Around Moers City 10
"Bicycle friendly City in Northrhine-Westphalia"

Around Moers City 11
I haven't taken this photo accidently, but more on this topic much later ;)

Around Moers City 12
Have I already mentioned, that we have a lot of constructions going on in Moers lately? :S

Around Moers City 13
Around Moers City 14
Around Moers City 15
Around Moers City 16
Not far from home! \o/

Around Moers City 17
Did it! It was a great tour, but with a lot of head wind hitting me.

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Jungbornparkpassage II

reloaded & extended

Todays trip was for the first ~4km the same as yesterdays trip, then I head towards another direction. Today, I've taken the Lumix with me ;)

Komoot 8
Btw. this is my first post written on Linux (incl. using Gimp instead of Photoshop for photo editing).

Jungbornparkpassage II - 1
Do you see the buildings in the background? I went to this school :)

Jungbornparkpassage II - 2
Jungbornparkpassage II - 3
Jungbornparkpassage II - 4
Seems like the battery usage is pretty low on the Moto G - with Komoot running with display turned on all the time, it just sucked out 4% after nearly 3km. Awesome. Now, a while after the tour, the battery is at 86% (Tour length was 32 minutes).

Jungbornparkpassage II - 5
Jungbornparkpassage II - 6
Yesterday, I went to the right, but today, I wanted a bit more km - so I headed left.

Jungbornparkpassage II - 7
This is a very strange sign (the one with the alien head). I "think" it means that children should be aware of the small streams running next to the fields. Honestly, I've never seen this sign anywhere else but in Moers so far.

Jungbornparkpassage II - 8
Jungbornparkpassage II - 9
This is really next to our home. They are building a Netto discounter. Damn! I had the hope that they would build a quality market like EDEDKA or REWE, but not such a crap...!

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